The Strathmore Seed Cleaning plant has been cleaning common seed for our co-operative members for over 60 years. The new facility continues to offer seed cleaning to our over 450 Common Share members and 130 equity members.

The Strathmore Seed Plant currently cleans over 550,000 Bushel of seed for its members and an additional 20,000 Tonne for our commercial customers.

Preclean Aspirator

Removes dust, light and foreign material for seed before cleaning equipment.


Separates product by running over selected screen size using eccentric drives to move seed along screens, removes small undersized seeds for uniform sample


Separates based on density using eccentric drives, a raised deck and air to separate light an foreign materials


Polsh and clips oats, removes beards from barley, clips hairs and tails off wild oats.

Color Sorter

Optical separation adds great value to a variety of commodities (sorter uses camera sensors that signal air injectors to blow out selected rejects)


Separates grains by length from short to long, separates wild oats and weeds from seed.