The main commodities we treat are Wheat, Barley and Peas.  The various treatments include:

Vibrance Maxx: Fungicide
Crusier Vibrance Maxx:Fungicide and Insecticide
Cruiser Vibrance Quattro: Insecticide and Fungicide
Stress Sheild: Insectide
Raxil Pro: Fungicide
Insure cereal and Insure Pulse: Fungicide
Teraxxa: Insecticide

Our Partners:

Syngenta Products:

  • Vibrance Maxx (pulse)
  • Cruiser Vibrance Quattro (pulse)
  • Vibrance Quattro (cereal)
  • Cruiser Vibrance Quattro (cereal)

BASF Products:

  • Insure FX4
  • Insure Pulse
  • Teraxxa

Bayer Products:

  • Trilex Evergol (pulse)
  • Trilex Evergo Stress Shield (pulse)
  • Raxil Pro (cereal)
  • Raxil Pro Shield (cereal)