Insure Pulse

Combines Xemium with Plant Health Benefits1 to maximize pulse production

  • The first fungicide seed treatment with Xemium, for unique translocation and mobility characteristics
  • Delivers more consistent and continuous protection against key seed and seedling diseases, including ascochyta
  • Plant Health Benefits ensure greater germination for improved emergence and enhanced seeding vigour, including better management of minor stress2

Teraxxa F4

The proven seed treatment that eliminates wireworms in cereals.

In addition to providing exceptional protection against key diseases, Teraxxa® F4 is the proven cereal seed treatment on the market that provides true wireworm control by breaking the lifecycle.

  • Insecticide mode of action delivers a proven standard for wireworm control
  • Rapidly eliminates wireworms upon contact and reduces resident populations in season for true control
  • Includes four fungicide active ingredients for premium broad-spectrum protection against key seed- and soil-borne diseases, including fusarium

Insure Cereal FX4

Even stronger broad-spectrum protection plus Plant Health Benefits1

  • Four modes of action to deliver broad-spectrum defense against key seed- and soil-borne diseases to protect your return on investment
  • Plant Health Benefitsprovide more uniform emergence, enhanced seedling vigour and better management of minor stress to help you achieve your target plant population2
  • Formulated for reduced viscosity and optimized usability for enhanced ease-of-use during treating